Meet our scholars

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Meet Boniface >

  • Boniface is the 1st CSMF Scholar and he graduated in 2016 from Mount Kenya University with a degree in Business Management – Accounting major. 

  • He has now completed 3 out of 6 Chartered Accounting exams. 

  • He aspires to complete the final levels 4 - 6 which he will be able to do along side work through evening classes. 

  • He is currently living and working as a finance manager for Matatu business in Isiolo. 

Francisca apua

  • Francisca went to the prestigious Alliance Girls School in Nairobi and is now in her 4th year at Jomo Kenyata University in Nairobi studying Economics. 

  • She did work experience with the National Bureau of Statistics working on census data and they have offered her an internship at the end of her degree.

  • She is the first in her family to go to university and she also volunteers in hospital and part of a Christian community project.

Meet Francisca >


  • Jonathan has recently sat his final exam at Eldoret University studying renewable energy and sustainability.

  • Jonathan believes this course will enable him to gain a job in the rapidly growing renewables sector in Kenya.

  • Jonathan also has a keen interest in photography and is considering starting a photography studio

Meet Jonathan >


  • After completing his studies at Kanyakine High School Joseph gained a place to study wildlife enterprise management at Egerton University

  • He sat his final exams in November 2018 and is planning to do a internship on a wildlife conservancy such as Lewa or the Samburu

  • This is a competitive industry in kenya but ultimately her would like to find work on a safari park, with the Kenya wildlife service or as a lecturer or researcher.

Meet Joseph >



  • After secondary school Evelyn started to study accountancy she quickly decided it wasn't for her. 

  • Much to our delight, decided that she is more suited to teaching and worked at Mutunyi school for over a year.

  • She has since gained admission to teacher training college to become a high school teacher training in English Language/Literature and arts.

  • She also volunteers at Lewa education department in her school hollidays

Meet Evelyn >

Idris kalicho

Meet Idris >

  • Graduated from Meru School and is currently in his 4th year studying civil engineering at Machakos University. He wants to specialise in structural engineering

  • On completion of university he wants to move to Isiolo (closer to home) and work in the rapidly developing construction industry there

  • His ultimate aim is to join the Royal Board of Engineers in Kenya

Violenza  Kathurima

  • 19 years old, Completing a plumbing course at Meru Polytechnic

  • In her first year in plumbing. Had a dream of pharmacy but came out of school with a D. Her poor performance was due to switching school and because of multiple medical issues.

  • Wants to work with Chinese business in a city but not in Nairobi

  • Attends dance classes when possible.

Meet Violenza >

Sponsored by Jack Renner and Rachel Murphy through CSMF

Princepus  Nkunja

  • Extremely intelligent currently 1st in his class of >200 at Igembe Boys School. Currently in grade 3 and will start his final year in Janurary

  • Has not decided what he is going to apply for after school but his best subjects at sciences so he will probably do something scientific.

  • He loves to write especially poetry and has promised to send us a poem when he finishes school at the end of the term.

  • He enjoys books about Sci-Fi 

Meet Princepus >



  • Is in his final year at a very good county school, Igembe Boys School. He is 7th in his class of over 200 and is targeted a grade A - could achieve this if he is sufficiently focused and driven.

  • He was school president and really enjoys positions of responsibility. ​

  • He hopes to get the grades to study pharmacy at university

  • His dream is to run to become and MP and then maybe prime minister one day!

Meet Evans >


fridah kathambi[1].jpg
  • Fridah has finished studying at Ruiri Girls Secondary School.

  • Unfortunately she failed to get the grades to go to university. 

  • We wait to hear what is next in store for her

Meet Fridah >

Gladys wanjiku

  • Is currently in her final year of Makuri Girls High School. 

  • She has struggled with her grades in the last 2 years and we are concrened she will not get the grades to go to university. At that point CSMF will have to consider how and if to support her further with vocational and technical colleges a option

Meet Gladys >


  • Beatrice graduated from Kangeta Girls Secondary School

  • Unfortunately she failed to get the results to go to a public university

  • She is currently a 3rd year student at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, Nairobi pursuing a diploma in TV production. 

Meet Beatrice >

Kelvin Muriuki

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Meet Kelvin >

  • Unfortunately Kelvin persistently under-performed at school.

  • As a result after being considered by the CSMF trustees in consultation with Lewa his sponsorship was stopped.

  • We wish him all the best in the future


purity g 2.jpg
  • Purity recently graduated from Kibirichia Girls Secondary School.

  • Unfortunately she did not manage to get the grades to go to a public university.

  • She managed  got a partial scholarship (Not CSMF funded) with Kiriri Women's University in Nairobi. She is doing a diploma in Business Administration, Accounting and Finance.

Meet Purity >

Phinius Gituma


Meet Phinius >

  • Unfortunately Phinus performed poorly at high school 

  • As a result after being considered by the CSMF trustees in consultation with Lewa his sponsorship was stopped.

  • We wish him all the best in the future

Become a sponsor

So you're thinking of sponsoring a scholar through CSMF, this is overwhelmingly exciting! Your commitment will be life changing to a child from this economically deprived, rural area of Kenya where the dominant industry is subsistence farming. You will sponsor them through Secondary School and University after which the sky is the limit on what they can achieve.

We have put all the information you need together into one handy PDF - please click on the icon to access this. We've outlined the commitment, cost and contact can expect to receive from the young person you'll be sponsoring. If you have any further questions please drop us an email and we'll get back to you.