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CSMF Winter 19/20 Scholars Update!

Update & CSMF Future plans

This year the CSMF has been able find sponsors for all students in the program and we are likely to be taking on 2 new scholars in the upcoming year. The students from Mutunyi have done extremely well in the national exams and there are some exciting candidates who are applying for sponsorship already.


While studying at Eldoret University Jonathan developed a passion for photography and began taking pictures of students on campus. Overtime as demand for his photos grew he began charging students for his photographs. Since graduating, Jonathan has set up his own studio where he runs professional shoots and edits photos. We are so proud of Jonathan for his entrepreneurial spirt and determination.


Idris is currently completing his final year of his Civil Engineering degree. Whilst at University he has excelled and has spent his summer breaks working with engineering companies to gain experience. This summer Idris was working with the Northern Rangelands Trust building a number of small houses. I was particularly impressed that Idris had prepared the quotes for the construction of the buildings in a very ordered and detailed way. We are confident that Idris will get a high quality job when he graduates.


Francisca has graduated for university with a degree in economics and has spent the last year doing an internship with the national bureau for statistics. She is now looking for a job in an extremely competitive job market. If anyone knows of a Kenyan job opportunity for this exceptional candidate,

please let us know -


Evans graduated from secondary school last year getting a B in his final exams which is a very good grade in the Kenyan education system. To put this in perspective only 315 students

in the entire country got a A plain, 3,417 (A-), 8,268 (B+), 16,403 (B plain) (660,204 students sat the exam). He is currently

applying to do a course in clinical medicine which will give him access to a growing job market and may open the way for him

to study to be a doctor in the future.


Princeppus has just finished secondary school and is waiting for his KCPE results.

We have high hopes as he finished top in his year and was given the honour of cutting the cake at his school graduation.


Evelyn is progressing well and is near to completion of teacher training to be a English teacher in a secondary school.


New scholar Robinson sponsored by Emma Seed and Ollie TT has just finished his first year at secondary school. He found it tough at first but has been steadily climbing the ranks in his class and is performing well compared to his peers. Special thanks to his sponsors, we know they take great interest in his progress and it's wonderful to have such engaged supporters of CSMF.


Having struggled in secondary school, Violenza has found real motivation completing a plumbing course at Meru Technical College. She is now is nearing completion of a this course on which she is the only girl!


Boniface our first scholar completed a course in accounting and finance at university and now keeps the books and manages the finances for a small bus company (Matutu) in Isiolo.

CSMF Computer Programme

This year Lewa received a grant from Google for computer equipment, this has been spread across the 17 schools that Lewa support and was sufficient for Mutunyi to receive a new smart board, this supplements the 30 tablets which were already in use. Issac, the schools IT teacher, whose salary is paid for by CSMF continues to excel and the Mutunyi school pupils IT literacy is among the best in the region. The CSMF funded internet is continues to be well used and is allowing students to explore and broaden their horizons like never before.

As always if you'd like to get involved in helping with CSMF through a donation or volunteering your time please visit the Fundraising page on this site for all the details.


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